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Are Your Holiday Hours up-to-date?

Are Your Holiday Hours up-to-date?
Who can remember a holiday that involved showing up to a pizzeria, coffee shop or restaurant just to see a piece of paper taped to the door saying "Closed for the Holidays"?  All of the business's online listings still said they were open and even their website didn't mention anything about being closed! The hardship of finding an open restaurant during the holidays can be avoided if business owners maintain their online listings to accurately reflect the updated holiday hours.
Every year, from the months of November to January, there are (at least) four holidays that businesses could potentially close their doors. No matter what they decide, business owners have to make sure their customers are aware of their decision. The easiest way to reach their customer base and potential customers is to update their online listings accordingly. That said, updating all of a business' listings can take an inordinate amount of time and ensurin…